When a River Calls Me

By Ashley Winder

Listening to the sound of nature’s call can be life-changing. Traversing through some of Earth’s most natural places can evoke within us an intense serenity and leave us so entranced that we simply fall into a state of deep, tranquil meditation. 

As you gaze upon an ocean, a mountain, a desert, a valley, a river –your breath might pause, or you may feel a calming force that touches your very core or inner being. Recognise this sensation and embrace it.

Because every part of nature is calling us. 

There is an intrinsic connection between our souls and the outdoors. Our connection with the Earth is rooted deep within our DNA. Our connective rope to the environment is being tugged. All we need to do is stop, listen, and respond.

Nature is calling, and we must answer.

We are all drawn to a particular element of the environment. You may feel an inherent pull towards the outdoors in general, but there is a unique, organic scene that calls to each of us.

You might feel the pull of the ocean, the forest, the river, the mountains, the desert, the valley, the canyons, or the plains. Notice the element of nature that made you pause. Recognise which part of nature calls you.

The river calls me. 

Every calming trickle is a caress of my name. Every rapid is an invitation to explore its depths. Every shift in its flow is a reminder that rivers are forceful, unpredictable, and ever-changing. The river demands reverence from us. And if we don’t tread with caution, it might sweep us under. 

To me, a river is a journey and should be appreciated as such. The rushing water is just passing through. No matter where you encounter a river, it is in a constant state of motion and has not yet reached its destination. 

A river will hit bends, traverse rapids, carve through canyons, and plummet down waterfalls. A river will pass through alpine valleys or wetlands or plains.

When filled with abundance, the river will reach its peak volume and overflow, sharing its nutrients with the surrounding land making it rich and fertile. 

Like us, rivers are beautiful and strong. Always evolving. Some rivers create enough force to carve through rocks. Some rivers meet roadblocks and must find an alternative route. 

There are lessons to be found in rivers. We only need to look. 

Each river has a story. Each river has an origin. Each river has a destination. 

Rivers can provide the solace and tranquillity that our souls seek. We only need to be receptive.

If you’ve ever paused in pure serenity with your eyes resting on a mountain, an ocean, a valley, a forest, a lake, or a river, remember that you have been called by nature. Embrace it, and never stop seeking the outdoors. 

We so often ignore the most primal part of our being; to be in nature.

We distract ourselves with work deadlines, social calendars, and never-ending to-do lists instead of signing off and losing ourselves in the outdoors. If we live in a society that is so disconnected from nature, how can we identify the calling of Earth’s energy when it beckons us?

We must learn to be conscious. We must reconnect with nature and listen to these powerful calls. And then we must answer them.

This article was first featured in No 2, available here

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