ANNOUNCEMENT 03/01/2021 – Due to some exciting developments coming to Fen and Field, we will be temporarily closed to magazine pitches from Wednesday 6th January. We will still be considering pitches for web stories, but please be aware these have a modest fee. To keep up to date with when submissions are reopened, don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list here.

Please email your proposal to

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Fen + Field. We welcome pitches for web stories, notes from (our digital mini zine) and Fen + Field magazine. 

We are looking for content that probes the relationship between human and nature, unearthing stories that explore how to be a modern human in a wild world. Through written and visual storytelling, we share adventures, ideas and people who are immersed in enjoying the planet while also protecting it. 

Our audience expects engaging, beautiful images and stories that you can disappear into. Any pitches should focus on the following ideals: sustainable travel and adventure, conscious and slow living. If you have an idea that you believe would appeal to wild-hearted changemakers who want to live fully, but also sustainably and ethically, then we’d love to consider it.

What type of stories Fen + Field is looking for

We publish articles of varying lengths, but most commonly around 800 – 2,000 words, or between 6 – 12 images. We always suggest that potential contributors familiarise themselves with the type of content Fen + Field publish, and the tone and style with which our contributors tell those stories. We tend towards stories of adventure, hope and ingenuity. Be creative with your submission – no experience is too small to create an engaging story for our readers.

Guidelines for pitching to Fen + Field

As a small team, keeping up with submissions and proposals takes some time. To ensure we respond to everyone within two months, we ask that proposals include:

A suggested title and one-paragraph proposal outlining the story, or the images you would include if proposing a visual essay. 

The first paragraph of your proposed story or introduction to your visual essay or a small portfolio of previously published written work. 

3-4 low-res images, or a link to an online gallery (Instagram is fine) that showcases the best original imagery to accompany the story.

Please note that submissions must be in English and unpublished. A copy of our Freelancer Contract is available upon request.