Notes From: An Anthology


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Notes From: An Anthology

A collection of stories from our miniature publication, notes from. These are timeless accounts of humans with nature in their hearts, exploring small moments of calm and slow living that lead to mindful, conscious lives in harmony with the resilience of gentle wilderness.

48 pages

Printed on 100% recycled paper

Published January 2021


Inside: The Joy of the Doorstep: Rediscovering your Patch of Wild; Why you should trade hype reading for slow reading; Wild Anchors; My Life Without Wifi; The Scent of Lockdown; By the Light of the Silvery Moon; Isolation, and the Female Body; Adaptation Blossoms in a Dirt Lot; How Instagram helped me pay attention to nature; On Apples; The Ballad of Midsummer; The healing power of nature; The song of the shore: On Beachcombing and Anxiety; To Thor’s Cave; Clearing away the rubbish: how mindful activism can soothe eco-anxiety; Walking in the Wilderness is my Meditation; The Power of Rest