A simple thought on why we need to work with the world

By Katie Ford-Thomas

Our planet has enjoyed 4.5 billion years of tiny miracles as Earth evolved into rich, sustainable biodiversity. Wildlife, plant life and sea life grew in harmony on purpose. This infrastructure is the fundamental building block for all life on Earth. Without it, the miracle will cease. 

If there’s anything that Avengers: Endgame taught us (other than the fact that Cap’ is most definitely worthy), it’s that wiping out half of all life on the planet is not something to aim for – and the only way to stop it is by speaking up and working together. As much as I’d like to stand my own in a battle next to all the Chrises, avoiding a Thanos level doom must be our priority. Because the world is not our enemy; plot twist – we (all life on Earth) are all in this together already. It’s just we’re the ones with the tools to make a change. 

Everything in its Place

Conservation of habitats and protection of species is critical. It sees animals where they belong, allows forests to flourish, and provides the environment for all life on Earth to thrive at its best – precisely as it should. 

No More Goodbyes 

You read the word extinction, and you thought of a dodo, didn’t you? That single loss is a tragedy. Everything since is Armageddon. Humans are responsible for the loss of at least 1.9 million animal species, and 450,000 plants. The 2019 UN Report states that at least 1 million species on Earth are at risk if we don’t act to save them now. 

All the Best Stories Redeem the Villains

We position ourselves separately to Planet Earth. But it is only us that can protect wildlife and recover the ecological balance that we need to survive. The longest homo sapiens is believed to have been here is approximately 300,000 years – a mere moment. 

The conservation and protection of the natural world is our most significant responsibility. Without thriving forests, pollution-free seas and regulated industrial processes, including reduced carbon emissions, we will lose the diversity that makes us great. We must enrich our planet, not ravage it. If not we – and again, ‘we’ encompasses all life on Earth – will not have a home.

It’s not too late to be the good guy.

Fen + Field came from a seed of an idea; one of the most significant barriers to sustainability is the human fear of what that means for us – what sacrifices we may have to make. Our first print edition is out now, looking at many different ways we can still live a modern life while enjoying a balanced relationship with the wonderful wild world. Get your copy of issue 1 here

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